The marketing sound of your business

In marketing a great deal of time and money is spent on communicating; after all, marketing is about connecting with audiences and “speaking” to them about your company, product or service.

You will have heard marketing terms such as tone of voice, share of voice and the need to cut through the noise in the marketplace to be heard. This digital world we live in offers a plethora of tools and channels to communicate with your target market, the list is almost endless and quite confusing sometimes.

But have you ever stopped to think about your marketing sound? What I mean is, what does your company sound like? Don’t worry – this is not one of those crazy challenges to dig deep into your soul.  It is about considering what your business sounds like when it communicates with your target market.

Marketing sounds

Let’s explore some elements which come together to form your sound.

Written communications What sort of language do you use when communicating with customers? Is it clear and simple or does your sales collateral contain lots of technical terms and abbreviations? Do you have a style guide for managing this?

Verbal communications When your employees speak to customers or prospects, what sort of words do they use? Is the emphasis on listening rather than speaking?

Images Do you use engaging and unique images in your brochures, flyer and on your website? Are they associated with your company offer?  Do they make you stand out or blend with the rest?

Multimedia Consider what sort of videos you are sharing with your customers? Do they engage with your target audience or are they likely to switch off in a few seconds?  Are your update videos communication the correct messages?

Time to act

Even something as simple as the hold music. Consider what your customers would prefer to listen as it is all about the picture you create for your company in their minds.  Think about what they listen to whilst waiting for you to answer, the tone of the messages or music.

You should always be thinking about the sound of  your marketing in your campaigns and offering of services or new product launches.  Consider what you want to say and how you want to say it and then having this consistency throughout your marketing activities will create your sound of your marketing.

It is important to hit the right note and ensure your sound becomes popular! This conversation for your business is as important as the sign-ups, downloads and various transactions. Review your existing marketing material: your website, social media channels, ebooks, email, brochures and flyers.  Make sure you have consistency across these and any other tools you may use to converse with your customers.  This should go a long way to creating a great sound for your marketings, maybe even a smash hit!

Need to fine-tune the sound of your marketing? Kenmark Communications can assist to fine tune your sound.

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