Is it digital or traditional Marketing strategy? Why not both…

Time to unite digital and traditional marketing strategy

Many challenge the digital and traditional marketing strategy approaches as a result of the developments and changes in the Marketing landscape.  The politics being created between advertising agencies and digital marketers suggesting either don’t know what they are doing or they are behind the times is splattered in various headlines.  To be honest this is not helping businesses in their attempts to consider the right marketing mix nor is it really supporting marketing professionals either internally or as a consultant. The suggested approach would be to work together to solve the marketing challenges we are facing with the constant changes to the environment. Leave the bickering behind and focus on considering the marketing solutions.  In today’s digital world change is inevitable.  Once you grasp the newest technology, a new platform, new update or new trend presents itself. Making it difficult for business owners to keep up, let alone know what marketing decisions they should be making.

The issue with black and white arguments over digital versus traditional is, in general, their aim seems to be to generate controversy or ‘win’ the opinion of the marketing world, rather than helping us to improve.

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If you read past all of this there are valuable lessons. Here are 3 key points to help marketers (whether digital, traditional or both) rethink how we operate on a day to day basis, and to reunite digital and traditional.

1. Question marketing trends

Today’s ever-increasing plethora of blogs, theories, and new technology means marketers not only need to keep abreast of trends, but we need to do so with a critical eye. Filtering out the fluff from fact is vital to ensure we don’t adopt new trends if they aren’t of benefit to business.

2. Back to basics for marketing decisions

Marketers need to get back to marketing basics – look at the foundations of marketing strategy the SWOT analyses and the marketing mix – ultimately the message for your target audience and the most appropriate channel to send the message.

3. Don’t separate! Integrate digital and traditional marketing

Yes, marketers do need to be abreast of the trends and technologies coming out, however even strictly digital campaigns need to consider the fundamentals of marketing in order to make decisions and formulate strategies. Use digital to feed into your traditional activities (EDM statistics, Google Analytics, targeted messaging through lead profiling) and use the traditional (Marketing 101, SWOT analysis, the four Ps, market analysis) to support your digital activities.

Time to review your practices

Ultimately, your marketing strategy will be best executed if it considers the fundamentals as well as the new opportunities of the digital world! So you should be on digital platforms if they are appropriate channels for messages to your target clients. If you haven’t considered the marketing mix in your campaigns, we suggest you re-visit your choices. No need for all out destruction, just to consider what mix is best suited to your needs.  Integrating digital marketing practices into the mix will reap huge benefits in the long run.

Diversity is always an asset in marketing. In order for your company to be as successful as possible, you must make the most out of what both traditional and digital marketing have to offer. As such, you should not ignore either channel. The best marketers maximise their traditional and digital marketing efforts through a consistent and cohesive marketing plan while monitoring results and optimizing throughout to drive the best performance.

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