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Daily tips delivered straight to your inbox for an entire month for you to develop or fine tune your marketing skills and activity. What more could you need?

Time to change your mindset? We are in an age of information overload: books, podcasts, e-courses, webinars so chances are you have looked into whatever your marketing challenge may be – in depth.

Where we all fall down is the action. We are busy with life, tired and way too many balls in the air. There are too many reasons to procrastinate, be distracted, or just plain old loose interest.

Reality is you are not alone… This bootcamp workout isn’t too tough – it will provide you with some practical actions and tips!

Time to action your marketing activity 14 daily emails for $97 – BONUS one-on-one session                  (valued @ $125) for all bootcamp attendees.

topics Covered

Marketing Plan

What is involved.

Target market

Consider your audience.


Elements of your brand.

Social media

Few tools, tips and hacks.

Kenmark Communications


This program is designed with action in mind all the way! No long videos or reading assignments – just daily actions to work through in manageable chunks…

Given all of the current challenges small business and startups are facing it is time to consider the future of business and ensure your business has the framework to stay strong or infact you may realise there are opportunities you can take advantage of at the moment! Whatever the situation it will be great to have you along.


Connection and community are everything so we are offering you a FREE 1 HOUR one-on-one Consult to focus on your business.  We can discuss your plan or maybe it is more on social media you are looking for… your choice!

You will receive a link to book your consult during the course.

Daily emails delivered focused on various marketing aspects with actions each day for you to develop, define, pivot or launch your business activity.

All for $97 + gst 

BONUS: 1 HOUR CONSULT with discussion  report provided (value $125 + gst)

Simply sign up below and we will confirm your bootcamp access.

Kenmark Communications

My passion is marketing for small business and startups. Looking forward to supporting your business in the bootcamp!

Meagan Kennedy

14 daily emails with actions to focus your marketing activity
all for $97.00

  • Define your target market, explore new opportunities
  • What is your brand identity and are you consistent across your assets?
  • Social media tips and tools to save you time!

BONUS: 1 HOUR CONSULT (valued @ $125)

Perfect time to pivot from your current business, define new opportunities

Marketing eBootcamp

$ 97
  • BONUS: 1 HOUR CONSULT FREE (value $95)
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