Just because you work on your own… doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own.

If you are a solopreneur or small to medium business owner, you are bombarded by recommendations, ideas, and things you should and shouldn’t be doing for your marketing in your business.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently manage your marketing strategy knowing your activities and programs make sense for your customers and your brand?

Can you imagine knowing how to navigate the continuous noise of experts in your inbox and in your social media feeds.  How it would feel to know how to implement a new idea, or to decide if the idea is worth your time?

Would you feel smart, knowledgeable, in control, confident, and secure in your decision making?  Of course you would!


You know your WHY and I am here to help you with the HOW by breaking down marketing strategies, campaigns and activities to make it easier for you.

Together we will
  • build your knowledge and confidence to take the right steps to grow your business with effective marketing
  • tackle your branding, social media, visual marketing, email marketing, sales funnels, customer relationship strategies and much more
  • keep you accountable while you build a solid marketing strategy and execution your plan
  • give you sense of control so your marketing performs well consistently and as predictably as possible
  • brainstorm new strategies or tactics and guide you to make an informed decision every time
  • offer advice, ideas, support so you can move forward
  • help you avoid costly mistakes …. relating to your budget and reputation
  • keep you focused so you can move ahead with confidence.

No matter if you need advice on a single project or help creating and implementing an entire marketing strategy and plan.  I can work along side you, offer my know-how and help you grow your small business into achieve your goals.

Here is a typical scenario of the stages in our consulting relationship

Session 1: Let’s chat firstly to see if there is a good fit!  (FREE, even if this is the only session we have together.)

This 15 minute Skype/Zoom session will help us both determine if we can work together.  Not a problem if there isn’t a match.  It is important to us both to work with the right person.


Session 2: 60 minutes of discovery and exploring

This is when we immerse ourselves in your company’s structure, goals, key messaging, what you have been up to and exactly how I can assist you to grow.

In order to prepare for this session, I will ask you to complete a brief.  This brief is a series of discovery questions to so the time we

spend together is as valuable and productive as possible.  In this call we will also determine some goals to focus on.


Session 3: Until you feel like you can fly solo…

These are 30 minute weekly Skype/Zoom sessions where I lead you through your marketing.  During these call we review the week, tasks you completed, where you are stuck, what worked and what to focus on for the following week.

We can go as detailed as creating your blog post outline or scheduling your social media for the entire week, or you can choose

your time to learn about Instagram or brainstorm your next promotion.


It is ideal to have a 4 week commitment to the coaching, however I am happy to work with you for as long as you find it of benefit.


Is this arrangement right for you?

I typically work with no more than 5 coaching clients at any give time, so you know you have very attentive, focused and personalised service and resource. I love to work with entrepreneurs/business owners who value good and effective marketing and are willing to commit to creating a strategy and system for their company.

So, what’s next?

Let’s schedule our 15 minute catch-up to get to know each other and take it from there…

Kick starter

Time to turn your idea into a business, just not sure where to begin.  Our support and advice can help bring your dreams to reality. Really to start?

Needing a push

Business in early stages and experiencing some success, but you would like to see it really take off. We can provide you with a clear direction.

Expansion time

Lacking the focus and momentum to take your business to the next level.  Time to step out to of the comfort zone, experiment and face those challenges.

All sessions are conducted via phone or Skype/Zoom and are exclusive of GST.  To book your coaching package or inquire with further questions please contact

Here are some of the marketing projects we can work on together…

Your marketing revolves around your customers, knowing them inside and out will help you serve them better, create products and services they desire.  When you know your customer, you can position your brand, services or products in perfect alignment to their deepest desires. Your communication strategy becomes clear, your brand loyalty increases and referrals flow.


If you have this figured out, awesome! More time to spend on all other elements to build a brand and connect with your wonderful customers and fans.

This is an important part of marketing as it sets you apart from everyone else in your niche. And since customers commit to things they believe in, your message must be as convincing as possible.  So, we will focus on clarifying your message and ways for you to clearly communicate your why, your value and your offerings.
In the end, your communication will leave your customers with a firm brand experience and knowledge of what your business is all about.
Let’s create your message…

Imagine having a brand you are proud of and marketing is not a dreaded activity but something you look forward to and enjoy…
A well designed and well executed brand build trust and differentiates you from your competitors.  Your brand is much more than your logo, it is the feeling or experience your customers have when working with you and your company.  Your style, but also how and where you communicate sends signals to your customers.  Ensure all of your interactions and all of your customer touch points match your brand essence.
Let’s create a brand you are proud of…

Customers expect to find a lot of information when they search a topic in your niche.  Information helps them guide their buying decision. In turn this same information can help build your reputation as the subject matter expert which builds trust, it educates your audience and gets you found online.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”  Content Marketing Institute

Let’s create your content marketing strategy to deliver on your business goals.

From which platform to focus on to how to use it effectively to social media strategy and a weekly post schedule.  Social media is a critical component of marketing.  It is often how you will be discovered, where you communicate your value, where your customers interact with you and where you can also damage your reputation.


Let’s create a sound social media strategy and plan to deliver the rewards to your business.

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