5 Reasons not to buy likes on social media

We know managing social media is very time-consuming.  For me, it is the crossroad of life and marketing… it is photography, story-telling, basic graphic design, copy and then creating relationships with hundreds of people.  I have loved doing this with Kenectt and now with Kenmark Communications, but it can be exhausting.  When I spend a great deal of time on content and feel like it doesn’t hit the mark, the voice in the back of my mind says just buy likes.  Well, I could also just buy followers.  It would be really easy and I could feel popular for a few minutes.  So the question to ask is would this make my failure a success right?  Wrong…! Next time you have this urge, shake it off and don’t do it!  Consider the following…

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You won’t learn or grow from your mistakes

Your followers are honest, they don’t like things they don’t like (most of the time).  Whilst you may want over 100 likes on a picture, 100 people might not actually like your picture.  So buying likes could seem like you are robbing yourself of a learning opportunity.  And to this, you would be missing what your followers are telling you.  So by listening you will improve and your content will be better.  It is true people may be more willing to like something with 100 likes. There are always followers on the social media bandwagon, don’t know about you but I have never wanted to be a wagon driver!

Fake data is bad data

Buying numbers has no value.  You aren’t able to run analysis or give accurate reports to clients if you have fake followers/likes who muddy the data.  Clients success and failures are based on data, this should be true data.  If the majority of fans are fake, then when you publish your best content you will hardly be reaching anyone. When offers are published in your business, it will be a waste of time and there will be no true engagement and no one to reach.

Is it who you are?

Cultivate and grow honest relationships with your community.  This is something you will take more pride in.  If you want people to like you then be a likable person.  Project a positive and honest, consistent message and you will engage followers.

There are no quick wins!

Take the time to get to know your audience and learn what they want from you. I spend a good chunk of time every couple of days listening to my followers through analytics and conversation. It’s work, but it pays off. Be active and engaged on your social media platforms. If you want a large following you need to put in the work.  Normally in business whenever you purchase something, it should be something of value. In the case of buying fans, there is no value there, you are basically buying something or someone that doesn’t exist that will add absolutely no value to your brand.

Do they really engage with you?

Most people will notice the bought followers.  They are the ones with the random names, a small amount of content on their accounts and they never engage with you.  Really they are there to make you feel good, without adding any value to your business or life!  They are just there pretending to be something they are not…

So next time the voice creeps to the front of your mind, make sure to ignore it. There are no shortcuts in marketing. Do the hard work and you will gain the rewards and the followers who add value to your posts and your social media activities. If you need help with your social media daily activity we can help you out…

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