3 ways to optimise your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is time-consuming

It isn’t simply a matter of sharing great content; you need to engage with your followers, monitor and analyse your activity to ensure you are optimising your Social Media marketing campaigns. The best results will come from daily effort – but not everyone has the time to dedicate to social media every day!

These are some solutions to make it easier, more efficient and reduce the time you spend on your social marketing.

1.  Share content you already know is trending in your industry

It is time-consuming to manually seek out content on search engines and play a guessing game to decide what types of content to share with your followers. There are tools to help you, some free others with a monthly subscription. They all work to provide details on links, hashtags, and keywords – all the trending social industry specific content. Proving to be a great source of industry-specific insights.

These tools monitor your brand mentions:

Social Mention – real-time social media analysis. Simply add your business/industry specific area to the search bar and find out who has mentioned it on social platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.13.41 am

BuzzSumo – allows you to make it easy and set up recurring alerts for whenever your brand is mentioned online.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.17.32 am

These tools eliminate the guessing game of wondering “are my followers interested in this?”. The software will tell you what people are already buzzing about! Consider these great tools to assist in and increase your engagement and share content.

Content discovery is more and more important to marketers, journalists, PR executives, and CEOs. This is essential to understanding your market, your target audience down to your competitors.

2.  Maximize exposure by seeking out engagement with influencers by understanding your audience

Monitor re-tweets, shares, comments and other engagement metrics to help you adjust your social media plan to further engage your audience and over time attract more advocates.

Make the most of out of your engagement efforts by determining your top influencers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Spend time reaching out to those who have the most potential of stretching your content. Tools like Followerwonk offers in-depth analytics to assist in optimizing your Twitter strategy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.22.12 am

And Iconosquare is an Instagram social media management tool.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.08.53 am

Of course—ALL of your followers matter, so make sure you don’t forget about the little guys.  Make sure you proactively reaching out to influencers is a part of your strategy.

3.  Create a content calendar in advance 

Planning your content into a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly schedule will save you time. It eliminates searching for articles and logging into your accounts each time you want to share a post. There will always be new articles and events occurring along the way, which you will need to respond to. Scheduling your specific content for product or services and blog posts you can allow you more time to be social with your followers and respond daily, as well as seek out new ones! Again various programs can assist with the scheduling to speed up your efforts.

Three benefits of this:

  1. Take a bird’s eye view of your content and fill in any gaps – This will allow for a new perspective in the way you think about your content and the way you see your content.

Calendar = look ahead            Content = head down

  1. Plan and organise around key events, dates and launches – Avoid time seeking up on you, especially for important dates each year!
  1. Ensure you allow enough prep time to have content ready to publish

Fortunately, there are thousands of software programs out there to speed up and streamline your social media marketing efforts.

Here are a few resources for you to consider for Instagram:

Later (desktop + app) used for my clients and in my business.  It is easy to use, drag and drop concept in the visual calendar.  Preview and plan your posts, edit and schedule. Free and paid option.

For editing and retouching images try these apps are a must: VSCO, Snapseed and Facetune

Looking for graphics or like to add text over images then these should help out: OVER + Wordswag in apps and my all time favourite CANVA for desktop and app.

There are so many great tools out there.  Feel free to share any others below you love…

Ready to get started?

Start managing, optimising and gaining better results and a higher ROI for your social media marketing effort. Social Media Marketing is often frustrating and confusing. However, if you do take the time to construct a social media plan, and be more focused on your approach you will see better engagement and feel more comfortable about it all.

Not sure where to start, email us for a Social Media Planning template as your first step.  There is nothing to hold you back now! Keep yourself updated and open minded and stand out from the crowd… If you still need some help with your social media activity we can assist you.

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