Kenmark Communications is a full-service marketing agency to manage all of your marketing needs, allowing you can concentrate on the management and growth of your business. We will partner with you to achieve your goals, regardless of how big or small your campaign or project may be.

Our objective is to expand the visibility of your company and to position you to be ‘top of mind’ for existing and potential clients. To generate new leads for your business and therefore increase profits. We draw on our experience and believe a mixture of traditional and digital marketing tools yield the best results.  Kenmark Communications understands the increased importance of keeping up with technology to improve efficiencies in your business.  Our approach has a heavy emphasis on social media, online and content marketing.

We know every company’s marketing needs are unique.  So we treat each consultation with an open mind. If you think we may be a good fit contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our key areas of experience in marketing and digital strategies

+   Strategy development & implementation                         +   Social media strategy  & email campaigns

+   Traditional & digital advertising management                 +   Media relations

+   Events management                                                                +   Digital strategy & website optimisation

+   Design & photographic direction                                          +  Content creation

+   Market insights/research                                                         +   Reporting & monitoring

Ultimately, executing creative marketing campaigns will make people take notice your business.

Marketing strategy

Development and action

Brand  Strategy

Be noticed in a crowd

Digital & social media

Innovative solutions

Campaign management

Elements to stand out

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